ChemStore Features

The ChemStore outdoor storage unit range has been designed to provide a practical and affordable, standards compliant Agrichemical storage solution.
ChemStore are quick and easy to install. And being portable, ChemStore can be relocated or further units added to meet changes in your requirements down the track.

Zincalume construction

Built from NZ Steel Zincalume, ChemStore are built to last. In fact, ChemStore come with a 15 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Spill containment

ChemStore have a hard-wearing, non-slip, fiberglass bund to catch any spills and leaks that may occur. Spill containment is an important feature of any hazardous substance storage facility to prevent chemicals from seeping into the environment and is a requirement for compliance.


Ensuring adequate ventilation without letting in moisture and the weather is essential in a chemical store where fumes may be an issue. ChemStore have vents on all four walls to provide cross-ventilation that enables air to move through the unit while keeping the weather out.


ChemStore’s come with a lockable sliding door and padlock to ensure that your Agrichemicals are safe and out of the hands of those not authorised to access them. This provides security for your store and safety for your people.

Included shelving

ChemStores come with a 4-shelf, Zincalume shelving unit as standard. The unit is designed to carry Agrichemical containers of up to 20L in size, with a total storage capacity of 220L. In the event of an earthquake, the shelving unit has brackets for securing it to the wall of the ChemStore and each shelf has a swinging security bar to prevent containers from falling.

Fire extinguisher mounting bracket

Having a fire extinguisher with your ChemStore is good practice, so signage and a bracket to locate the most appropriate fire extinguisher for your purposes is provided.

Clipboard brackets

It’s a requirement to keep up-to-date and accurate records of the substances in your store and copies of the Safety Data Sheets for each product. Clipboards are handy for keeping all of these records together, so your ChemStore comes with brackets for your clipboards built in.


Agrichemical storage facilities require Hazchem 2WE and No-Smoking signs by law. These are included with your ChemStore.

Easy installation

ChemStores are shipped as pre-assembled panels, so that installation onsite is as simple as possible. All panels are clearly labeled and an instruction pamphlet is included with all of the parts and fastenings that you’ll need. With the aid of a handy helper and some simple tools, you’ll have your ChemStore installed in no time.

Portable and flexible

ChemStore come with a wooden base as standard, or you can request a securing kit if you wish to locate it on a concrete base. Using the wooden base option provides the flexibility to relocate your ChemStore easily at a later date if needs change.