ChemStore offers a range of accessories to for you to customise your ChemStore to best meet your Agrichemical storage requirements.

Mixing bench

A useful addition to your ChemStore, this Zincalume mixing bench provides a convenient surface to decant and mix your Agrichemicals. There’s also a lower shelf that fits up to four 20L containers.

Height: 900mm
Length: 1130mm
Depth: 300mm

Emergency spill kit

An essential item for any Agrichemical storage facility, the Emergency Spill Kit includes everything you need to safely and quickly tidy up any spills and leaks.

– Dust pan and brush
– Absorbent media
– Plastic bags
– Bucket with lid
– Breathing mask

Security padlock

Making sure your Agrochemicals are secured against unauthorised access is an important safety precaution. All ChemStore come with a security padlock, so you can rest easy knowing that only authorised staff will be able to access the store and any little ones on the property will be protected from their own curiosity.

Metal shelving

All outdoor ChemStores come with one of these shelving units included, but sometimes you need more. The ChemStore 360 and ChemStore 1000 can accommodate up to 2 and 4 shelving units respectively.

This shelving unit comes with swinging bars to prevent contents from falling from shelves in the event of an earthquake and brackets for securing the unit to the walls of the ChemStore.

Height: 1630mm
Length: 1150mm
Depth: 280mm